The Good Problems to have While Running a Website

Today I get a chance to share something useful here especially the young entrepreneurs who started a website or Blog. I would like to talk about the “Good Problems” to have while running a website.

Running a website is totally different with design or develop a website. Running a website can be easy, or tough enough such as running a WordPress blog, or developing your own start-up.

Good Problem 1: Server Overload

I believe that most of the young entrepreneur/blogger started a blog or website using a shared hosting. A shared hosting is good to go when you are small since it is cost effective. You almost got everything you need except the ability to handle huge traffic.

One day, you might receive an email from your hosting ( or even not receiving anything ) and found your website in a Error of  “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”.

Wait a minute, before you scream for help, this is actually a good problem to have. Congratulation! your website have got significant traffic and that’s why the Shared Hosting couldn’t handle your account anymore.

Your only solution now is switch to a better or more powerful hosting,  if you are not ready to go with a dedicated hosting, you can switch to the Better Shared Hosting with more bandwidth limit which might cost you slightly more, but this is not a good idea as you will experience the same problem later when you got more traffic.

There are several things you need to take care while switching to a new hosting:

Good Problem 2: Getting a lot of spam comments

Everyone hates spam, but why would I say this is a good problem? All right, you will be pissed of by the spam comments and started to google, find and learn for a solution. This is actually a good learning leap!