Basic SSH Goodies That Every Webmaster Should Know

You can use Putty or Linux Terminal to SSH to your server. While there are thousands of SSH commands available and it’s hard to master all of them in a short period, mastering some SSH goodies would be a good first step to start learning SSH.

However, it’s not recommended to play around with the SSH commands you can find on the internet on your critical production server.

Create a new file

Command: # touch newfile.txt


Find a file contain keywords

Command: # grep -lr “keywords” /YOUR_PATH/YOUR_FOLDER


Copy a file or folders

For copy a file:
Command: # cp  <SOURCE> <DESTINATION>

For copy a folder, you have to use the -r flag:
Command: # cp -r<SOURCE> <DESTINATION>


Move a file or folders

Moving a file is similar to copy a file, just swap the command “cp” with “mv” will do

For moving a file:
Command: # mv  <SOURCE> <DESTINATION>

For moving a folder, you have to use the -r flag:
Command: # mv -r<SOURCE> <DESTINATION>


Download/Upload a file

You can use this command to download or upload a file from/to the server.

To download a file:
Command: # scp username@ipaddress:/PATH_TO_FILE /PATH_TO_DESTINATION

To upload a file:
Command: # scp /PATH_TO_DESTINATION username@ipaddress:/PATH_TO_FILE


Zip a file

This will zip the myfile.txt to
: # zip myfile.txt

This will zip the entire myfolder to
Command: # zip -r myfolder

To unzip a file:
Command: # unzip


To Compress a file or foler to a .tar file

To compress one file or folder to a tar file:
Command: # tar -cvf file.tar filename

To extract a tar file:
Command: # tar -xvf file.tar