10 Facebook facts that you probably didn’t know


Chances are good you have a Facebook profile, chances are even better that if you have an account, you check it at least once a day. You might be a professional Farmviller or the Top Administrator of 100 Facebook groups, but do you really know Facebook? It’s time for a little Facebook re-education.


  1. Facebook was initially bank-rolled by Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Paypal. His $500,000 investment helped launch the Facebook phenomenon.
  2. In the beginning, Facebook was almost shut down by a lawsuit. ConnectU, a competitor claimed Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea of Facebook, as well as the technology of create it. The issue was settled out of court of a undisclosed amount.
  3. Today, 800 millions of people log onto their Facebook profile at least once and 50% of them are on the site every day
  4. Facebook is an international sensation, 70% of the Facebook users live outside The U.S. and the site is available for more than 70 different languages.
  5. In 2006, Yahoo offered Zuckerberg $1 billion which he refused
  6. In 2009, Facebook was valued at $4 billion
  7. Today, it is valued between $8 – $11 billion
  8. The most popular Facebook page is the page of Michael Jackson, follow by The Simpson, Facebook and Obama.
  9. Woman aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook Demographic in America.
  10. Facebook makes money through advertising and virtual products. Advertisers use profile information to market specifically to certain users.